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Electrical Safety

Faulty electrical wiring and faulty equipment is one of the common causes of fires.

1. All laboratory/medical diagnostic equipment will be grounded.
2. Surge suppressors will be used on computerized equipment.
3. Defective cords will be repaired immediately. Equipment will be unplugged and not used until repair is made.
4. If any equipment produces a tingling sensation it will be immediately unplugged and not used until serviced.
5. All instruments must be grounded using three prong plugs. This includes household type appliances in the facility.
6. Extension cords will be avoided if possible. If used make sure they are appropriate for the electrical current generated by equipment.
7. Unplug equipment when replacing fuses. Fused that blow frequently indicate a problem.
8. Do not overload electrical outlets.
9. Never remove the grounding prong from any plug.
10. Never handle electrical equipment with wet hands.
11. Cord will not be “pinched” behind desks and walls to prevent friction. Cords will not be “snaked” under rugs.
12. Cords that cross aisles are between desks or cross entrances or exits will be covered or taped down.
13. Unplug by holding plug - never pull by cord.
14. Know where the circuit breaker/fuse box is located. Make sure each breaker/fuse is labeled to indicate the electrical line it services.

REMEMBER: If there is a fire - electricity and water do not mix! Use a fire extinguisher made for use in electrical fires.