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About Clinical Lab Regulations

What is CLIA Regulations

Point Of Care Consults believes that the key element in quality medical care is quality service. In response to the physician's increasing need for support and guidance in the area of office laboratory medicine, P.O.C Consults is offeringthe following services at reasonable fees.

Initial Consultation : Consultation available for waived, PPM and Moderate complexity laboratories

Comprehensive laboratory assessment for CLIA, OSHA, and DEP, with written report
Assistance in developing a complete quality assessment program to include
Evaluation of laboratory quality control
program with recommendations as needed Guidelines on how to write a proper laboratory procedure manual
Guidelines for complete laboratory record keeping
Guidelines on how to develop a laboratory equipment maintenance manual
Recommendations on how to meet and comply with laboratory OSHAregulations.
Assistance in selecting an appropriate proficiency testing program for office testing.
Assessment of laboratory equipment including instructions on how to perform an accurate cost evaluation of tests
Assistance in meeting CLIA -88 and State POL regulations
Review of office regulated medical waste records with assistance needed to meet local standards Comprehensive OSHA Consultation of entire office may be ordered separately and includes office evaluation, safety manual and "in-house" safety training program

Optional “Technical Maintenance" Program

CLIA-88 requires all POC's to have a clinically trained technical consultant Since most Doctors are not permitted to perform this role, we will visit your lab each month and...

Recommend appropriate test methods including reagents, supplies and equipment which are cost effective and appropriate for the clinical use of the test results.
Establish procedures to evaluate the accuracy and precision of the test performed.
Review of proficiency testing results. Recommend appropriate and cost effective proficiency testing program
Develop quality control program and analyze monthly logs and statistics
Resolve technical problems and ensure that remedial actions are taken whenever test systems deviate from the laboratory's established performance specifications.
Evaluate the test requests and reporting system to ensure that only correct test reports are reported
Identify staff training needs, providing continuing education through our newsletter
Provide job description and a written competency For More Info... evaluation checklist

Additional Services Available

Follow-up office visits to assist with CLIA compliances
Complete laboratory procedure manual
Complete OSHAmanual including material
In-house OSHA Safety Training Program with Certificate
Assistance in selecting new laboratory equipment and testing kits
Help in laboratory space planning and design
On-site continuing education program for staff
On-site troubleshooting consultations and corrective action
Newsletter with latest government regulations
Assistance with CLIA, HCFA and State licensing forms
Negotiating laboratory service into managed care contract
Home study continuing education programs
Compliance with HIPAA regulations