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OSHA Certificate Course

OSHA Certificate Course

Safety training will be offered to all employees with occupational exposure, initially before assignment and annually with facility staff when safety review is scheduled. Training records will be retained for 3 years. Each employee will have access to the OSHA safety manual and given safety information at time of training. Employees will have the opportunity to ask questions. The person supplying training will be knowledgeable about safety and competent to answer questions. Record keeping will include: date, name of employee, social security number (optional), content of program and instructor. New employee record keeping will also include: job classification form, Hepatitis vaccine form and Mantoux test form.

An accredited Safety Training Program - personalized to your office speciality, presented by a qualified consultant We administer the required written examination to all participants. Handouts and Certificates of completion are supplied to everyone that provided training booklets to administer training to new hires.

Up-to 10 people - an additional charge of $10 per person for over 10.

Call for price quote for large groups (over 25)

We also offer and Ergonomics Program for clerical staff.