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General Office Safety

The principles of accident prevention are fundamental. Used on a day-to-day basis, they can virtually eliminate accidents. Some of these principles are common sense, good work habits, knowing your environment, getting help when needed and being safety conscious at all times. Accidents will be reported as soon as possible (within 48 hours) to the safety officer or employer and followed up as needed. An accident incident report form is found in the record keeping section of this manual.

Preventing Falls:
1. Never leave or store articles (boxes, trash cans, etc.) in hallways, stairways or passageways.
2. Keep halls free of materials that can cause slipping, falling and serious injury.
3. Never walk on wet floor. Wet floors will be marked by sign.
4. Straighten or remove rugs or mats that do not lie flat on the floor.

Equipment / Instrument Safety:
1. Know how to correctly operate any equipment/instrument that you may have. Follow the manufacturer’s safety recommendations.
2. If equipment/instrument needs repair - turn power off before removing the cover.
3. After repair - replace the cover before operating.