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OSHA Safety Training

Planning a Safety Training

The key to a complete and successful program is planning. The person presenting the program must be knowledgeable about the regulations and be able to relate how the regulations and safety policies relate to the work place. Using a video alone without access to a knowledgeable person to answer questions is a violation of the regulations. This check list will be helpful to the safety officer when preparing a program for the facility.

Read the regulations. Do you understand them well enough to teach others?
Are you familiar with chemicals in the facility that would be considered hazardous?
Have chemical products changed since the last time you gave training?

Do you have the SDS for the new chemicals?
Can you explain chemical labels (e.g. NFPA labels)?
Is your hazard communication and chemical hygiene plan up to date?
Is your exposure control plan (Bloodborne Standard) up to date?
Have you observed employees? Are they following Universal Precautions?
Can you explain work practice and engineering controls, use of personnel protective equipment, housekeeping/disinfecting policies?
Can you explain how exposures and injuries are followed up?
Have all employees filled out job classification forms?
Have employees classified in category 1 & 2 been offered HBV vaccines (prior to work assignments with potential exposure) and signed appropriate forms?
Can you explain epidemiology and signs and symptoms of hepatitis B & C, HIV and TB?
Can you explain the TB infection control program?
Have employees had a baseline Mantoux test?
Have you put together safety training information to give new employees (at time of hire)?
Have you kept current with changes in the regulations?